how to celebrate small success and why it’s important?

All our lives, we’re wired to wait for big things to be happy about, a big announcement, big achievement are worth celebrating. But the process leading us to get that big announcement or achieve that big goal is important and there’s a rollercoaster of small successes that are worth celebrating that we ignore. (cute gifs are included)

Speaking of which, most of the time we get attached to big events happen that we get so sad while waiting to accomplish our goals, which delays our goal from happening.

So here’s how you can celebrate small successes and adopt a more celebratory approach to life.

1- Treat yourself

Go on that fancy dinner with your friends or alone too, buy something delicious or even a gift to congratulate yourself.

2- Take a day off

Spend a well-deserved, earned me day, celebrating and taking care of yourself.

3- Write your feelings

Writing your feelings about a happy event will help rewire your brain when things get bad one day.

4- Blast some celebrating music and have a dance party

Music is the body’s harmony, dance to the rhythm and forget the world around you, just celebrate yourself and your current reason for extreme happiness and joy. 

5- Dress up for no reason

Dress up, for you alone at home, maybe cook a delicious dinner or go out have a fancy dinner with yourself

6- Go to dinner with your friends

Celebrating with your friends is a good way to share your happiness with.

7- Journal your small successful steps.

This way when you accomplish your goal, you’d have written proof of every little step you’ve gone through that lead you to your big accomplishment.

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Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Valentine’s this year is a little different, chaotic if you must. But now with the lockdown partially lifted, it’s time to go back and celebrate love! ( For those whom are single out there stay tuned for tomorrow’s article for a single night celebration done the right way).

I thought why not while celebrating let’s support some local stores and show them some LOVE TOO!

First of we have mdgiftsss by Maria Daccache

This is a small store, owned by The Daccache family, the Valentine section is all you need from small boxes to cute little high quality gifts.

2. It must be real is the newest most adorable business, owned by Joelle and her mother. Customize your plain old clothes and give them a new life with painting.

3. Ss events lb

Ss_events_lb by Sybelle Semaan is a gorgeous, tasty and professional event planning service. Treat yourself and your loved one on valentine with some delicious goodies that makes your stomach and heart happy.

4. Boardgames.andmore

Who doesn’t love a good freaky game night on valentines? Order your massive game choices from Boardgames.andmore owned by Peter Abou Jaoude, and spend some fun, hot and cute moments with your love.

5. Shiny Pinch Lb

Handmade gorgeous cute accessories are a necessity on Valentines. Beautiful items and a large choice with affordable prices and high quality products come in one place.

6. The engraved yard

Handmade, high quality, wooded variety gadgets are the perfect small gesture to your loved one this Valentines. The engraved yard is a family business owned by the Abboud family, ensure you high quality, customizable products.

7. Gifts with style

Eyo… customized products expert check… For this shop nothing is impossible, from mugs to spotify plaques this store will provide you nothing but high quality and fast delivery.

8. Mandala with a message

Well an honorable mention (because i’m late to write this article and the order time should be made before 3 weeks), why not celebrate valentines everyday with a mandala of your choice customized to tell your unique love story .