How to spot a toxic person in your life

Making friends and having a social life is necessary for your survival. But what’s more important is a healthy circle.

What does it mean to have a healthy circle?

Your small circle mainly is your family, really close friends, co-workers maybe. You should always keep this circle of your everyday people healthy for your well-being.

How to know if this person is toxic or not:

  1. You feel emotionally drained after an encounter with them.

Do you ever feel when encountering someone that you’re tired of their same conversations about themselves over and over again? Or that they’re too negative or that everything is either gossip or criticism, to the point where you can’t take it anymore that you feel like you need a break from all that.

2. They try to intimidate you to get their way

They try to manipulate or bully you into making a choice or committing to an action that, on reflection, you feel is wrong or unnecessary.

3. They try controlling you by guilt-tripping you.

They try to use your care and love towards them into triking you to do something. It could be considered a form of emotional manipulation that is highly toxic.

4. They get jealous very easily 

They try to unfriend you with anyone that you like to go out with. They act mad and upset when you’re around other people. They trash talk the other person and make them seem the bad guy, so you stay to them only. You become kind of an obsession fully controlled prey.

5. They are always the victim

You can never accuse them of anything because they will try and shift the blame onto you or another person. They always try to rationalize their actions so they can never take any responsibility for their actions.

6. They give abusive compliments

Sometimes a toxic person in your life won’t want you to feel good about yourself because that undermines their confidence.

They feel the need to belittle, drag-down, and humiliate others — even friends — to make themselves feel better and reinstate the hierarchy in the relationship.