Single Valentine night

A lot of us are single this Valentine which can trigger some unwanted emotional baggage. So here’s a guide to all my beautifull single souls out there, to spend a lovely, drama free lovingly night by yourself or if you could with some friends too.

If you decided to celebrate your single life alone:

1. PAMPER YOURSELF of course!

A nice hot bath, bubbles, music, candles and some wine are highly recommended becasue you deserve it. and let’s be honest nobody can love you more than you can.

2. Order some delicious food

Maybe try some new restaurants, and delicious meals for your special night alone.

3. Puzzle it up!

Order some puzzles to keep you company and enjoy your time alone even more! boardgames.andmore is one good store for you!

4. Give yourself a cute makeover

Makeovers never get old, it’s time for you to shine again!

5. Start a new show.

No it doesn’t have to be a romantic one, so you don’t trigger more emotions. ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Start a book.

Starting a book can open a new chapter and help get your mind out of thinking.


Yes because you deserve them. Some delicious cakes or butter/sugar coated cookies for your tummy. ss_events_lb โค

8. Bake yourself a cake!

There’s really nothing to say here, but Tasty is here for to help you ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. Make yourself a drink.

Well what better night to toast your beautiful, independent single life? Tasty will also help you with that ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Practice some self-love

I mean it’s the celebration of love after all. Love yourself always and celebrate it too!

If you decided to celebrate your singleness with a group of friend:

1. Cook a delicious meal with your friends.

Inviting your friends over for dinner is fun and all, but have you ever cooked a meal all together?

2. MASSIVE Game Night

Boardgames.andmore is your best solution here. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Exchange small gifts

Yes it would be fun to do a valentines version of secret santa with your friends on your Singles Valentines night. Mdgiftsss is the perfect store for that.


The night is just getting started, so binge watch some movies while snacking and drinking.

5. Blast some music and hit the dance floor.

It’s been a while since you’ve went out clubbing and shaking those hips, so this is your time to shine cutie-pie!

6. Give each other makeovers!

This is super fun and you can have a blast from it.

7. Have a heart to heart conversation

We all have thoughts and emotions that are triggered during this “lonely” time, it’s good to let them all out.

8. Shake up the night with some delicious cocktails.

Tasty can help too, some anti-valentines group drinks.

9. Smash break a piรฑata.

An anti-valentine piรฑata to be specific

10. Do a Valentine’s cleansing ritual

Throw and burn everything that reminds you of past relationships, toxic exes… It helps a lot ๐Ÿ™‚


Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Valentine’s this year is a little different, chaotic if you must. But now with the lockdown partially lifted, it’s time to go back and celebrate love! ( For those whom are single out there stay tuned for tomorrow’s article for a single night celebration done the right way).

I thought why not while celebrating let’s support some local stores and show them some LOVE TOO!

First of we have mdgiftsss by Maria Daccache

This is a small store, owned by The Daccache family, the Valentine section is all you need from small boxes to cute little high quality gifts.

2. It must be real is the newest most adorable business, owned by Joelle and her mother. Customize your plain old clothes and give them a new life with painting.

3. Ss events lb

Ss_events_lb by Sybelle Semaan is a gorgeous, tasty and professional event planning service. Treat yourself and your loved one on valentine with some delicious goodies that makes your stomach and heart happy.

4. Boardgames.andmore

Who doesn’t love a good freaky game night on valentines? Order your massive game choices from Boardgames.andmore owned by Peter Abou Jaoude, and spend some fun, hot and cute moments with your love.

5. Shiny Pinch Lb

Handmade gorgeous cute accessories are a necessity on Valentines. Beautiful items and a large choice with affordable prices and high quality products come in one place.

6. The engraved yard

Handmade, high quality, wooded variety gadgets are the perfect small gesture to your loved one this Valentines. The engraved yard is a family business owned by the Abboud family, ensure you high quality, customizable products.

7. Gifts with style

Eyo… customized products expert check… For this shop nothing is impossible, from mugs to spotify plaques this store will provide you nothing but high quality and fast delivery.

8. Mandala with a message

Well an honorable mention (because i’m late to write this article and the order time should be made before 3 weeks), why not celebrate valentines everyday with a mandala of your choice customized to tell your unique love story .

How to prepare yourself for a friend’s move

Change is hard, especially when it’s a permanent change in your circle. Having a friend move away from you and headed to another part of the country is hard, painful, and full of unwanted change that can mess with your routine.

2020 has sure been a hard year on all of us, and many of us have nothing else except moving out, even migrating to a whole other country. Many of us can’t afford to leave so we’re here staying put, watching our friends and people leaving for good to another country.

This change/ detachment can be super draining and sad. But there’s always a place for growth, adaptation, and making it work. I mean if 2020 and quarantine taught us something new is that digital friendships are doable.

So here’s a guide on how to prepare for a friend’s departure without letting it be so hard on you:

Be as involved in the move as possible:

Even if it’s hard, it’s essential to help and support your friend’s moving process. It’s hard on both of you and, you need each other to cope with the change. So helping them pack, organizing and, the whole process of moving will help you get the “closure” you need.

Friends taking a break from packing

Before they go, create recordable memories:

The moving process doesn’t have to be a sad and emotional change. We remember the people we love by going down the memories lane. So, what better way than to start the moving process by creating new memories that you can save. Whenever we feel life is hard or that we miss them but can’t reach them we can watch those recordings.

Express your feelings with them

You may feel like you don’t want to talk about your feelings and emotions with them but, it is important to talk things through with them. They feel the same way but, you’ll work it out. You’ll find your way around and handle your friendship, long distant.

Talk about staying connected:

Technology this year was a blessing to keep all of our relationships going from a distance. Video Calls, text messages, and all social media platforms are such a blessing to be available at the tip of our hands.

Consider throwing a goodbye party

Throwing a goodbye party to your friend is the perfect fun goodbye. If you can’t throw a big party because of quarantine and the whole pandemic issue, a home gathering of you two, or even a small group of friends is a good idea!

Friends toasting with fresh juice at dinner table

Exchange thoughtful gifts

Small handmade gifts are super warm and emotional to give each other and remember each other with. a scent, a photo album, maybe a letter.

Remember distance is not a problem.

Being distant will not change your friendship status, if you are true friends, no matter how far you’ve grown apart you’ll always find your way back to each other. Maintaining a long-distance friendship is hard but, with a little more effort it’s possible.


2020 sure was a hard year and one of the messiest, but we’re grateful for it. So in honor of this messy year that left us with nothing but little money to spare, we created a guide for thoughtful, cute and Christmas gifts 2020:


Full coverage butter cookies
  1. Butter Cookies: Absolutely personal, cute and delicious treats for the whole family. Here’s a recipe that we love!

2. Snowball Cookies: Cute and delicious balls in a jar, no puns intended :),. here’s a recipe for you.

3. Peppermint Bark: Delicious sweet treat for everyone that comes to your mind! Here’s a recipe for you too!

4. Nothing says the holidays quite like Christmas fudge. Here’s a recipe to make this very appealing and thoughtful gift.



Nothing better then coming back home and being enveloped by a delicious scent. With this guide you’ll be able to make a homemade version of the other expensive diffusers: click here! ( if you wanna add a dash of christmas to your diffusers scent you can add: Douglas Fir, White Fir (aka Silver Fir), Peppermint…


These are amazing small spray bottles that you can create to make a scented, heartwarming gift with your favorite scents or theirs. click here for the guide!


Scented candles are very personal and a very cool gift to for your friends and family. Learn how to easily make your own candles

Lap Desk with Storage

When is first saw this beautiful idea, i was like this is an essential item i should add to my to-do list. Learn how to make this amazing lap desk

Well we hope this guide really does help you! Share your thoughts and even pictures of the products if you tried making one home in the comment section down below! Have Merry And Happy Holiday!